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Arrived 26 hours later….

By the end of this morning we were either going to end up in Boston, Baltimore or Montreal but thankfully due to being stubborn we have safely arrived in Toronto Innisfil, where we are staying with family friends of Filip’s.

Breakfast courtesy of WOWair & our hotel was formed of bread/ham/cheese and enough hard boiled eggs to feed a small army. At this stage of the day we were flying to Boston at 15:00hrs with a connecting flight towards Toronto, this however means that we would have to purchase an ESTA to arrive in America, something that we could not do due to Poland not being on the list of approved visa wavered countries. With this in mind we contacted WOWair to inform them, only for them to leave us waiting all morning (meaning we could not leave to explore more of Iceland!), finally after waiting 4hours for a phone call we decided to walk to their head office which conveniently for us was only a 10minute walk away.

With WOWair having all our information pre-set into their systems I would have liked to imagine that they would of already established this hick up in their master plan of flying us to our final destination. So the next hour saw us with the possibility of flying to Baltimore (That’s still in the USA WOWair fyi), Montreal and even Filip direct to Toronto and me to Boston and then onto Toronto the next day. After telling them that this simply wasn’t ideal for us and them informing us that the flight direct to Toronto today was full with everyone already checked in. They then miraculously found us two seats on the ‘full’ flight to Toronto at 15:30 when we informed them that we didn’t want to stay in Iceland again overnight and that we would stay with them in the headoffice until they found us a flight. Being stubborn on the most part works well in your favour sometimes!

With our new tickets in hand we ran back to the hotel just in time to collect our bags and board the awaiting coach for our ride back to the airport. Of course our day wouldn’t be complete without any more delays, this time in the form of a 2hour delay due to our plane waiting to pick up connecting passengers from the London Gatwick flight (Why couldn’t have you done that yesterday WOWair?!) but finally we were on our way to Toronto!


Landing at a later time of 19:00hrs the warm Canadian air awaited us as did Filip’s Godmother who is kindly letting us stay with her while we are in Toronto, after a quick stop at a Tim Hortons to fuel my craving for an iced Cap’ and to grab some gas we arrived in Innisfil. Tomorrow we head to Niagara Falls, with the temperature set to reach the low 30s the breezy air will be a much welcomed addition (even though we were just complaining how cold it was in Iceland haha).

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