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Beautiful British Columbia

The last 3 days of our trip seemed to have merged into one big day, we had hiked the Lynn Cannon taking in its deep forest scenery, as well as learning about the importance of salmon hatchery under the huge presence of Vancouver’s Cleveland Dam. The Dam of which heads the Capilano River, storing with it a large portion of Vancouver’s drinking water. From our hike we headed back to Granville Island where we had lunch with a glass of wine in ‘The Vancouver Fish Company’, a high end seafood restaurant in the heart of the Island surrounded fittingly with the harbour that brings in most of the restaurants stock.

Later that evening we went out with a friend to take in Vancouver’s night life one last time before doing what all drunk people do best, seek a McDonalds. We all know that we would never dare be seen entering a McDonalds but when you are drunk that golden ‘M’ that can be seen for what seems like miles aways just appears to be mesmerising. For many years I have escaped the pull it creates but that night i lapsed with no regret.

Our final day in Vancouver saw us head to Main St, a major north-south thoroughfare bisecting Vancouver. Sloping up into the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, it mixes commerce, light industry, brewing, and high-density residential areas, before a mix of high density restaurants and fashion retailing in its core area. A coffee in ’49th parallel’ followed by some brunch in another vegetarian restaurant ‘The wallflower’, allowed us time to quietly reflect back on the last 3 weeks.

If you feel the need to explore with company, explore with a person that you care deeply about, not only will it enhance your experience it will also create a stronger bond between the two of you. Travelling lightens the mind while creating a bigger heart, I’m luckily enough to share that and my experiences with Filip.


‘Beautiful British Columbia’ – its BC’s motto and they really aren’t lying, even after i spent 3 years living here in Vancouver the shear beauty of our surrounding still stunned me nearly everyday. The mountains that can look completely different each day, to the vast amounts of greenery in every direction. Vancouver is a city for everyone, it really has appeal to every type of person. People often say that beauty comes with a price, not only are they wrong in the wider picture, but in the case of our holiday here the past 3 weeks we have survived comfortably on what generally wasn’t a large sum of money. If you are prepared to explore away from the main tourist attractions you can live as a local, finding expensive taste for half the price.

I would honestly take any opportunity to once again call this city my home, it will always be my home away from home. A place that i once found myself and made some of my greatest friendships, friends that will always be welcome in my life even after years of absence.


Flying Home

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