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Canada’s wonder of the world…

Sorry dogs but sleep is a man’s best friend. Period.

After what felt like the best sleep I’ve had in ages, we started the day off right with some breakfast and coffee on the deck overlooking the nearby park and lake, by this time it was around 10:30am but already felt like the temperature was in the high 20s. The lake behind us at this point was already starting to fill up with hoards of sun-seekers, we took a walk along the shoreline with Filip’s Godmother’s Dog and paddled into the lake for a brief moment, the water was warm but still cold enough that you appreciate the sensation to give you a brief relief from the beating down sun.

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Lake Simcoe- Insta @filipkaleta

Today we went off to see Niagara Falls, which for me was my second outting to this wonder of the world, although this time I was able to see the falls in full flow as last time I went at the start of January ’14 the falls were partly frozen, it felt like -40 and there was a heap load of snow around. In all the Journey took us a little over two hours but the journey was nice as we got to take in some of the wider Toronto area. Canadians to me have always seemed very patriotic, there are endless amount of flags flying (some the size i never thought a flag could be) and everyone carries with them a sense of pride for what they are contributing to the wider community.

Everything in Niagara is built around and for the Falls in sense part of it is almost like the Las Vegas of Canada, you have the natural wonder (The Grand Canyon/Niagara Falls) and then a short distance away you have the commercial money drains that try to outing on your visit (Ripleys believe it or not/Casinos/Spas/High end chain capitalise). The falls itself you can easily find yourself getting lost in its shear power, you hear it before you see it in some parts you can even feel it before you see it, the huge amounts of water sprays up high into the sky creating a mist of mystery about what is at the bottom.

After seeing the Falls we headed into the city briefly for some dinner, on the very outskirts of Downtown Toronto there is a ‘little Poland’ a street lined with a few traditional polish restraunts  and shops, it is here where we dined in Cafe Polonez. It was very nice and formal, yet surprisingly cheap (meals for as little as $12 dollars), especially for the fact that we needed to request to take our dinners away, as a small group could easily feed on them. The food was fresh, tasty and well-presented. A polish restaurant which is definitely appealing to the wider community of Toronto. The neighbourhood itself, Roncesvalles, was charming with painted walls and trams passing by at regular intervals; typical Toronto.

Tomorrow sees us head into Downtown Toronto for a full day exploring in the city.

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