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Good Morning Vancouver ☀️

Morning broke with the sun shining just over the mountains peering slowly into the coach, now deep into British Coloumbia, hours away from our final destination we made a few brief stops in the nearby towns of Kelowna, Chilliwack and Abbotsford.

Arriving in Vancouver a little later than expected at around 8:30am our friend Graeme who is kindly hosting us picked us up from the coach station. Both tired and desperate for a clean change of clothes we headed straight to the house to shower freshening up for the day ahead. Once feeling more awake and clean we walked down to ‘Bennys bagels’ where we had a spot of brunch, then strolled down along West 4th in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano, a trendy neighbourhood on the west side of the city lined with many shops and restaurants. This walk also led us onto kits beach where we spent a few moments taking in our surroundings and admiring the spectactular view of the city lined with mountains.


UBC Rooftop Garden – Insta @FilipKaleta

After spending a few minutes on the beach we continued our walk along the waterfront up back towards the house, which from here we catched the bus over to the UBC campus (University of British Colombia) where we again took in the surrounding views, admiring the newly built University SUB building, which boasts an indoor ‘nest’, rock climbing wall and a roof top garden which offers 360degree views of the campus. Later in the day would also see us return to the Campus to have a short run, UBC itself is almost its own thriving city, worth the visit alone, an added bounus that comes with this great city. Everywhere you look in Vancouver you are guranteeded to see a breathtaking view, the photos do it no justice, you have to see it in person to fully appreciate what beauty our surroundings are giving us.

Coming back from the Campus me and Filip went back down to West 4th to have dinner in ‘The Namm’ a 24hr vegan/vegetarian restaurant that would delight even the most stubborn meat eaters taste buds. The desserts alone are worth a lifetime, with live music being played each evening and great friendly staff i would highly recommend anyone to try the delights of The Namm’s vegetarian dishes.

Now full with the perfect amount of goodness after our three day fast food Greyhound binge we took the short walk back down to the beach where we both paddled in the sea while watching the most perfect Sunset down beneath the mountains of North Vancouver.

14074377_1168103513233246_294600604_o (1)

Vancouver Sunset

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