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How to get the cheapest flights

I tend to get asked how I manage to travel abroad so frequently & cheaply quite often, so to answer this I’ve put together this little step by step guide on how you can achieve the best deals on flights around the world.

Be patient

The cheapest flights and deals aren’t about to jump straight out at you. In order to find the best travel deals you need to be able to invest a good amount of time browsing various websites in order to cover the whole scope of possible deals. There’s always a better deal out there to be found, so don’t just settle on the first one you find, and certainly don’t settle for a deal that’s widely advertised.


Have plenty of these on stand by, being patient requires fuel! But on a serious note, this isn’t a fantasy game of collecting the most cookies, so clear them out before you start a new search! Websites look at your stored cookies and this often means that the overall prices can increase because they know you want to book something. Don’t get crumbed into that.

Never book direct

Going straight to the airline website to book flights is a common mistake people tend to make when booking flights. While booking direct will make things easier should you need to change your travel plans, the cheapest fares are often found by booking with various online travel agencies or search tools such as or expedia.

Be flexible

Have your yoga classes taught you nothing!? Don’t aim for certain days. It’s best to look at what weeks/weekends have the cheapest flights and then see if you can make them days work.  If you’re also feeling farily adventurous try not to stick to one location, have a look around and see which destinations are cheaper than others.

Friend in Country?

Believe it or not but if you know someone in the country that you are travelling to, get them to book your flights/hotel. It always appears cheaper if the IP address you are booking from is the same as the site. (You can manually change your own IP address to appear the same but this is becoming increasingly difficult.)

Connecting Flights

Connecting flights are your friend, not enemy. Okay you might have to spend a few hours in an airport that you’ve never heard of, but at least now you can afford about 50 more mojitos laying on that beach. The UK is not producing any bargain direct flights any time soon so if you are willing to connect in a European city for a long-haul trip, your flight will be cheaper.

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