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In Review – 200 Degrees Coffee

Sheffield’s Division Street got its newest trendy resident this month with the arrival of 200° Coffee extending their freshly roasted beans into the region.  Owners Tim Vincent & Rob Darby set-up the business from their obsession of coffee. Starting out as a small batch roaster in a garage, they then quickly expanded into the coffee shop world by selling beans wholesale, before opening their first 200° in 2012. Now, six years later they have a strong portfolio of seven stores that are fighting against the big guns in every corner.

The moment you step into their newest store just a stones throw from Barkers Pool, the intense aroma of coffee fine tunes into your senses. With an industrial ambience you immediately feel like you are standing in a Sheffield independent. The rustic decor, hanging lights and cooper cladded wall plays homage to this great industrial city. It certainly gives off a cosy vibe and we haven’t even explored what is on offer yet.

Stepping just a little bit further through the doors and you are met by some of 200°’s merchandise. It is important to remember that as a company they originally started out by roasting their own beans, which is a sure sign that the coffee will be up there with the best. In fact they are so proud of the beans they roast they drew inspiration from their roasting method when it came to deciding on a name. They roast their beans more slowly for a smoother taste and at a slightly lower temperature; at 200 Degrees.

Along the left side of the store is where the magic happens, as you approach the smiling barista and pay point you flank a counter filled with mouthwatering cakes and sandwiches, all of which are freshly prepared by the team.  With a wide variation on offer including Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options, you will certainly be wanting to go back for more. The prices are a little more higher than other coffee outlets near by but the quality and freshness of the product out weighs the extra pennies spent.

As for the actual coffee itself, their roasting method definitely shines through. 200 Degrees aim to offer as much information as possible about their beans and to credit those working hard to produce such a beautiful product. All of their baristas take part in an in-house barista school to ensure they have the wealth of knowledge they need in order to help you pick that best suited cup of joe. The Latte and Flat White I had on my visits were both silky smooth with not a single ounce of bitterness. Both were easy to sip on and provided an elegantly complex sense to the palate, the milk was perfectly steamed and not overpowering the espresso that continued to hold its flavour throughout the drink.

If you are unsure on what you want to order, the baristas are on hand to help guide you through the menu. From coffees to Milkshakes, they aim to provide the perfectly crafted beverage for any occasion.  200 Degrees has immediately made an impact upon its arrival into Sheffield, quickly becoming the perfect meeting point for social gatherings to working lunches alike.

25 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE

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