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In Review – Etno Café

I love nothing more than finding a coffee place that excites me. Etno Café is rapidly expanding in Wrocław and further afield across Poland offering everything you would want from a coffee-house. It has the quirky new era minimalistic interior, the selection of coffee brewing methods to suit your needs and of course the perfect lunch or snack all freshly made within store. The first time I came across Etno was a chance encounter with  its smaller kiosk store location at Pl. Tadeusza Kościuszki. The small Okrąglak – Roundhouse – store is situated just a small walk from Wrocław’s main rail station and offers a safe haven away from the bustling traffic that passes throughout the day. However with the store being the smallest Etho Café, it is only managed by mostly one barista, so you can expect a short worthwhile wait to enjoy your beautifully handcrafted beverage.

Etno Cafés main store can be found in the retail space of the newly built OVO Hilton hotel, just a short two-minute walk away from the Market Square, standing proudly among one of Wrocław’s busiest transport hubs. Offering the most seating of the three stores you enter via its large hefty silver doors. Immediately walking into the store the register is front of you, clear that this layout it designed to make you order before you take a seat, but in true style I opted to find myself a seat tucked up in the corner where I could view the rest of the store. Etno really impressed me, from the moment I walked in I was greeted by not just one barista but by all the staff that were currently working. Even the ones that were mid coffee-making made the effort to make eye contact and produce a warm friendly smile.

The wooden cooper furnishings gave the store a shabby chic kind of feel, almost placing you into the environment of a lounge, with one end of the store housing book shelves with a variety of different reads just waiting to be explored. As for the coffee I found it hard to fault, the milk was steamed to perfection, it was silky and smooth while balancing nicely with the boldness of Etnos own roasted coffee. A family run business, Etno Café is the first Polish-Ethiopian company importing coffee into Poland. Further expanding its coffee plantations into Rwanda, Kenya, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil. Offering its beans brewed via six different methods opens Etno up to become a destination of coffee lovers from around the globe, its baristas offer a vast array of knowledge and are on hand to help you pick your best suited brewing method. 

Throughout my whole visit I felt welcomed and relaxed. The baristas made effort to interact with you, helping you while ordering to ensure you chose the best possible pairing. As you take your seat they bring over your spectacularly hand crafted beverage, a vast array of aromas flood your senses as you sip into the remarkable latte art that captivates your mind. If you find yourself in Wrocław or another Polish city with Etno standing proud amongst the international chains, I highly recommend you give them your custom, as not only will they serve you for half the price you will also get by far better service with a local roasted coffee that will easily leave you wanting more.

OVO – Podwale 83, 50-123 Wroclaw

Okrąglak – Pl. Tadeusza Kościuszki, 50-029 Wroclaw

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