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In Review – Tabby Teas

Sheffield’s very own Cat Café, Tabby Teas offers a sanctuary to both cats and humans alike. Born through a love for animals and a passion for rescues, Tabby Teas teamed up with local charities Mill House Animal Sanctuary and Pet Samaritans to find a special group of 11 permanent residents.

Tabby Teas aims to put its cats first, as their welfare is a top priority, after all we are the ones visiting their home. This means that the staff try to ensure that there is a constant calm and relaxing environment for the cats, but also for the customers so that you can enjoy each others company! With Sheffield being a vibrant student city, there are plenty of pet starved students wandering around just craving that bit of fluffy attention. This is one of the reasons why the owners Charlotte Pickering & Michael Leviston wanted to bring Tabby Teas here in the first place:

“We know that there are people who have had to leave their family pets behind and aren’t able to have any animals in their student accommodations. So the idea was that they could come in and chill with the cats for a bit when they are missing their own cats who are back at home.”

I highly recommended that you book your cat cuddles in advance, especially if you plan on visiting at the weekend. Each session is for 90minutes and costs £7.50pp which can be paid upon arrival. If you are just passing by however there are a limited number of drop in sessions available, ranging from 30-90 minutes at the cost of £2.50-£7.50pp. All costs from visiting the cafe goes towards the cost of keeping the cats watered, fed and purring happily.

While visiting and enjoying the pure cuteness of the cats roaming around you, Tabby Teas offers a large selection of locally roasted coffee and teas for you to purchase. If you can escape your cat cuddles long enough, they also offer a large range of sweet and savoury cakes with gluten free and vegetarian options available. Recently also having teamed up with The University of Sheffield’s Yoga and Pilates Society you can expect cat yoga sessions happening monthly in the near future, as well as a number of board game evenings and art classes.

7 Cemetery Rd, Sheffield S11 8FJ

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