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Memories to cherish 

A perk of going on holiday and not staying in a hotel is the food. You can eat what you want, when you want. Plus you don’t have to stand in that annoying breakfast buffet queue first thing in the morning and stand behind the lady who seems to be toasting a thousand pieces of bread in the slow moving toaster that will ether lightly toast or burn to a stone the slice of bread you put into it, there’s no in-between.

So after our morning eggs cooked the way we like them we took the bus into downtown, heading for the waterfront harbour. Along the way we stopped into the Marine Building, which when built in 1930 was the tallest skyscraper in the British Empire. Walking into the lobby it almost feels like you have walked through a time portal, if you let your imagination take you, you could picture the smokey cigarette aroma, shouts of business men and the deep chuckle of laughter bouncing around off the walls. Now renowned as one of the great art deco buildings of the world it stands proudly amongst the Vancouver skyline still playing its part in the business world while also charming the many people that walk through its tall brass revolving doors.


Filip standing in front of the Marine buildings revolving doors – Insta @filipkaleta

Heading now towards the harbour front; the city becomes even more alive with the sound of seaplanes, cruise ships, tankers and excited tourists alike. With constant camera clicks, the light cool sea breeze bringing with it the fresh forest smelling air mixed in with a slight aroma of jet fuel from the nearby seaplanes taking off and landing in the water in front of us. Again the views take you a moment to process, especially if you come from an enviroment that isn’t rich in forest and such a divrse landscape.

After spending some time down by the waterfront we met up with our friend Mackenzie so we could then go on and surpirse our other friend Nicole where she works. Not expecting much from the restaurant, we were soon won over when we saw the large slices of pie with Vegan Coconut ice cream. After myself indulging in a Classic apple pie & Filip a Vegan Chocolate peacan pie, we all headed out towards the beach. Being now on the more exposed side of the shoreline the wind picked up and blew us into a frenzie of a sand storm. Moving away from the waters edge to shelter from the blowing sand we sat in the nearby park where we spent some time catching up and talking about our future ambitions.

Although we have only be in Vancouver for 3 days the memories and places have been flooding back to me, re-igniting my self pride and believe. Vancouver for me will always have a special place in my heart, its where i discovered and come to accepted who i truly am, a place for me where i significantly grew as person. To also share this with Filip has not only made this trip even more so worthwhile but for me it has ensured that this amazing beautiful city remains even more so special in my memories.


Vancouver Waterfront

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