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Move over January blues!

It’s almost travel time again, so I thought I would write up a fresh new post just to make the blog active once again, which I’m hoping to do a lot more often this year! The first adventure of the year sees us return to Poland where we will be staying in Filip’s home town, Wroclaw. While there we are also planning a trip to Krakow as well as a few of the local towns up in the nearby mountains. Generally when booking a holiday or weekend break I try to make sure it’s within a new unvisited country but Poland and of course Canada will always be safe from this rule as they have a special place in my heart.

We so far have two holidays booked this year, the week coming up in Poland as well as a weekend break in Berlin, both of which we managed to get fairly cheap. People often ask me how I manage to get all of these trips for so cheap so I’m going to let you all in on how I do so:

  1. Don’t expect to just magically find a cheap holiday on the first travel page you visit. We often spend up to 3+ hours looking at an array of different sites to find the best suited deal.

  2. Keep your dates free, when ever we book, we don’t aim for certain days. It’s best to look at what weeks/weekends have the cheapest flights and then see if you can make them days work.

  3. Clear your cookies! The more travel sites you visit the more cookies from these sites you collect. This isn’t a fantasy game of collecting the most cookies, so clear them out before you start a new search! Websites look at your stored cookies and this often means that the overall prices can increase because they know you want to book something.

  4. Friend in Country? Believe it or not but if you know someone in the country that you are travelling to get them to book your flights/hotel. It always appears cheaper if the IP address you are booking from is the same as the site. (You can manually change your own IP address to appear the same but this is becoming increasingly difficult)

These are the four basic kind of rules that we follow when we are travelling and it generally saves us a lot of money each time so I really hope they work for you! But if you can’t manage to get away any time soon you can for sure follow my adventures both here or over at My Trending Stories, where I shall try my best to make you jealous of the amazing cities I’m lucky enough to visit!

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