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Old friends and good food

Ive said it before and ill say it again, Sleep really is a man’s best friend.

Waking up after a nice vertical non-disturbed sleep practically in the afternoon, we caught the bus over to the nearest Skytrain station (Vancouver’s version of the underground) so we could load our transit card with some credit. Just behind this particular Skytrain station at Cambie & Broadway is Vancouver’s CityHall, a 1936 art deco building that sits proudly overlooking the Downtown core. A short walk from here we found ourselves in the 2010 Winter Olympics Athletes village which resides in False Creek. After the games the village was converted into residential housing, a community centre, daycare, retail, and service spaces. It is a very enjoyable, well adapted spaces over-looking the downtown and the mountains. Definitely recommendable to all those runners and dog-owners within you.

Along from the Olympic Village we walked through False Creeks many parks along the waterfront reaching the hustle and bustle of Granville Island. A peninsula and shopping district the Island provides amenities such as a large public market, an extensive marina, boutique hotels and various performing arts theatres. The market is awash with an array of colours with smells and noises that simulate all of your senses, drifting you through a virtual roadtrip of the worlds food. It is here where we grabbed lunch from one of the Markets many food stalls, taking in once again just one of Vancouver’s stunning views looking towards Downtown and the surrounding mountains. Perhaps not from my personal point of view, but over just the two days we’ve spent in Van Filip’s been continuously surprised at the availability of vegan and vegetarian bars all around, including the colourful and vivid Granville Island Market.

From the market we caught an AquaBus that took us across the creek into the neighbourhood Yaletown. Probably one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city, the streets are lined with high rise apartment blocks, numerous high end restaurants and quirky one off cafes. What used to be a largely industrial area of the city, its cobbled streets and abandoned sunken rail tracks are still largely visible amongst the modern injection of life that has graced this once abandoned brownfield site.


Taking the AquaBus across to Yaletown – Insta @filipkaleta

After our long but pleasant walk along False Creek & across into Yaletown, we headed back into Kitsilano where we was meeting a number of my old friends for a couple of drinks. We went into the newly opened ‘Storm Crow Tavern’ which is a quirky nerdy board game alehouse. It was great to see everyone, catching up while sharing stories and laughing about old times. Even after spending some time apart it was so welcoming to know that I still had a place in these people’s hearts, people I know I can trust and call upon even if I’m living half way across the world.

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