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Onwards and Westwards!…

Our time in Toronto has come to an end and our hosts Sofia & Ada laid out an amazing breakfast for our last morning with them, they have both been great hosts, offering much help and advice for our time with them. Once we had finished with breakfast and said our goodbyes, the bus from Lake Simcoe left at 10:14am arriving at Union Station just after 12:30pm, leaving us just over half an hour to reach the Coach Station. Pulling a 20kg suitcase that has no working wheels uphill in 30+degrees heat is borderline torture, I had felt like I had just done an hours run with sweat dripping off my face, but instead all I had accomplished was a 20minute uphill walk. Though this signalled the next phase of our trip.

The next part of our adventure here in Canada sees us take a Greyhound coach 2820miles across from Toronto to Vancouver. The drive in total takes around 2days20hours to complete. Armed with lots of snacks and drinks our coach set off at around 1:30pm, stopping in a number of towns including – Sudbury, Esponola and Sault St Marie along the way.

Arriving in Sudbury at around 7pm with an hours layover we decided to head out to grab some dinner, with not many options within walking distance from the coach station we settled for ‘Boston Pizza’ which is a chain Sports bar here in North America, having both ordered a pizza for take out we took the time to sit at the bar and grab a drink while we waited for our food. Although a short break, it was an enjoyable one, having some Canadian ale and following British athletes in Rio. As Olympic enthusiasts we were both glad to finally have an opportunity to watch at least a little bit of competition taking place down in South America. Believe me or not but we got used to 30 degrees summer in Toronto and air conditioning on our coach set for something that feels like half of the summer heat had been a nightmare. Hence seeing a home accessories store a walk up from pizzeria we stubbornly found the best deal to buy a warm blanket, which probably took more time than necessary causing us to having to do a slight jog on the way back. We thankfully arrived at the coach on time to continue the rest of our journey through the night. Not much happens on a coach journey but it enables us to take in the scenery and recharge ourselves for the next two weeks ahead in Vancouver.

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