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In Review – Bear + Wolf Café

Winner of Timeout London’s “Love London” award for two years running, Bear + Wolf is a slice of Kentish Town excellence bursting with mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting more. Not only do B+W offer the most delightful open top sandwiches, but they serve some of the finest coffee available in Kentish Town.

If you like the sound of halloumi, salmon or tofu paired with perfectly served eggs with fresh-cut avocado bringing together the flavours then B+W might possibly become you’re next favourite brunch spot; I know it has become mine. The hugely popular brunch spot is a favourite for all the family, with a large open “play room” allowing kids to let off steam while you catch up with your bestie. The playroom at the back is filled with toys and books, perfect for children of almost any age which are all kept beautifully clean by the attentive staff. The coffee and food are kept distinctly “adult”, which is why I feel Bear + Wolf works so well – since the kids are kept out of the way at the back it’s also a great place to go without kids as they won’t disturb you in the café at the front.

If the sound of the open top sandwiches lavished with the perfectly poached eggs hasn’t got you interested, then look no further than the moment you step inside. As soon as you walk through the doors of B+W you are met by a wall of freshly baked cakes and pastries. Standing close by are the ever so friendly staff who are ready to assist and cater to your needs, making you feel largely at home. If you are however hoping to catch a quite coffee to read the paper then B+W is perhaps somewhere to avoid, it offers a very social feel among its customers. The seating is mostly benches accompanied by large stretching wooden tables, children interact with each other while they play and you shouldn’t be surprised if your table neighbours strike up a conversation with you. If you can cope with the social butterflies of the room then you can be certain to enjoy the beautiful and consistent food that gets rustled up here each day untill 5:30pm.

Bear + Wolf

153 Fortess Rd, London, UK

Photography by Spencer’s Photography

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