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In Review – Nanan

Just a short walk from Wrocław’s Main Square you can find this oasis of pink tranquility. Nanan’s entrance is low-key and perhaps almost disguised, from looking in on the outside you would think that you are passing by an upscale market boutique. Once you step up to the door however, pushing it open you are greeted warmly by its elegant plush pink wall coverings and mirrored interior. The staff instantly welcome you in a way that leads you helplessly into a broad smile, a smile that will continue throughout your visit to this upmarket art-deco patisserie.

The French word for confectionery or candy ‘Nanan’ offers the perfect dessert, snack or afternoon coffee conjuring youthful goodness delicacies that deserve every single moment to be appreciated so intensively. The pink surroundings of soft touch take you miles away from the world that is happening beyond these walls, this is a whole new world, from the moment you step inside your worries are sprinkled away, the fresh air scented to a degree of heaven. Once you have settled your mind, you can then take a moment to appreciate your new favourite surroundings with the hardest part of your visit about to begin. For any indecisive mind you may as well purchase the whole display that is perfectly placed before you. Starting with a line of colourful eclairs, sparkling in the light that highlights every edge and corner of them, proceeded by perfectly round and vibrantly coloured macaroons before then reaching the show stoppers, cakes like you’ve never seen before. In all their glory the array of spectacular flavours are presented as if they were crown jewels on display at the grandest of palaces.

Once you make your purchase of beautifully decorated pastries, you are invited to sit in an adjoining room, with the plush pink walls continuing throughout you can take a seat at a sparkling light-pink marbled table. Offering the perfect backdrop for that perfect Instagram post. As you take each bite into the rich creamy goodness you can not help but lose your mind to the array of flavours that sweep over your senses, for this moment is the moment you have been longing for all day, for these moments in the presence of the elegant art deco surroundings your mind can be at peace, with nothing but pure happiness pumping through your veins.

Taste buds and all senses can rejoice throughout your visit to Nanan, its simply stunning Art Deco interior matches the perfection of every bite you will experience. Nanan takes the lead when it comes to dessert in Wrocław,  its coffee is well presented and flavoursome while they also offer ‘Kusmi Tea’ and wine. For me this is not just a patisserie, in its own right it is a must visit destination, it’s the reward that Wrocław gives back to you for wandering its beautifully coloured cobbled streets.


50-120, Kotlarska 32, Wrocław, Poland

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